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Question about "star" ratings of Juniors

I suspect this will be addressed later, but it would be a priority eventually.

In OOTP, drafted players start at a level well below that of major leaguers, and take several years to develop. In hockey this does not take quite as long but I noticed that most 17 year-olds drafted have ratings that place them very close to the major leaguers. We should have a handful each year that can jump in right away, but most take several years to develop. There should be a larger gap in "stars" between drafted juniors and the NHL players.

I really love the dynamic in OOTP where some players develop faster than others and some have long careers, while others peak quickly and then drop off in quality. To handle a franchise over a period of time, managing the development of minors is very important. Right now we don't seem to have much of that, but I am looking forward to the final product eagerly.

Thanks so much for giving us a chance to see it evolve.
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