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Corporate League Baseball

Corporate League Baseball (CLB)

Boards URL: please use the main portal
Commissioner(s) OOTP Forum Username(s): Jazzrack
Email Address:
OOTP 13 required

Fictoral Players:

20 teams, 1 league 3 divisions a tough but rewarding format
7pm pacific export deadline
we sim every even day: 2nd,4th,6th ect
League Time Per Sim: 7 days per sim
First Season: 1940 (simmed40-44 while importing real rookies)
current Season: end of 1949

Special Rules & Settings:
historical & fictional player drafts with the CLB owner score to determine the first round draft order of the fictional draft (we are tweaking this rule this season)
Teams Currently Available: Please check this post

Full featured website : facebook style website IM, standard forums, easily embedded videos, ect. have started to started doing live sim broadcasts

we are part of the OOOL thing, please send a join request using the in-game league browser. please leave email addy. and we will assign you a team, you can request the one you wish.

Disney Villains
Marlboro Stallions
Ford Mustang
Unilever Axe
are currently open

you can rename your team



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