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XML and free agents

I have a question about the xml.

I personally want to see more info from free agents. I noticed a few of the responses said something like you don't offer enough, Cleveland is offering this and that and if you can't beat it blah blah...

Would it be possible throug this xml text to have the guy report bogus information to you? For instance:

A guy that isn't greedy (say greed 1) might respond to your offer like "That's not enough, Cleveland has offered me 1 million a year for 3 years". And this would be accurate information, he's just looking to make the most money he can so he's bidding them against each other accurately.
A guy that IS greedy might say "Cleveland is offering me 3 million for 4 years" when they're really offering 1.5 for 3 years...
As I see the text right now, when this occasion shows up, it would be accurate information. Will it do a math formula so you could have it give you bogus info?

If you can, then a second question comes up... how does randomization work within conditions? I know that when the game comes up it randomizes the lines, then draws from the first then the second etc.
If I had several lines that were to come up if he had 5 greed... would it start with the first condition 5, then the next etc...
To put it better: I could make 3 lines for condition 5 greed, one he reports 1 million more, the next he reports 4 million more, the next he says accurate... so when you got the message you would never know exactly, it could be accurate or he could be padding it to drive his price up.

I actually haven't played enough to see how this ends up working, have yet to end up in a bidding war with another team so have no idea if this would be something worthwhile, but am curious if it can be done through the xml, or if your "stuck" with just what the tokens can supply.
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