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In 2041 a 1 year waiting period following retirement was introduced to the HOF. This was determined by a weighted random number generation which was based on RL, but not tied to the RL introduction of the wait.

Because of this introduction, there were no players that were inducted by the software because all newly retired players now have to wait a year before the software screens them.

2041 ties to 1943, a year where no players were inducted IRL. So, there was zero chance for any inductions, this year.

The five year wait will be instituted starting with the class of 2052. That number of entrants for that class will be based on the three player inductions that happened IRL in 1954.

In 2056 there will also be no players inducted, due to the lack of any RL inductions in 1958. This will be the only other time there will be zero chance for any inductions.*

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