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Class of 2035, Part 1: Rosen, Snider

Four hitters enter the newest remodeled former tractor shed shrine for the second HOF class.

Two surprises in this class:

1- The All-Time Win leader did not get in on his "First Ballot Screening". The Inaugural class was just good. From here on out, all FBS will take place in that player's first year of eligibility. Due to the way the Inaugural class is selected, there naturally was a back log of players who had been inducted by the software prior to the establishment of the "actual" HOF. They have all been screened. As previously noted, no one met the First Ballot Standard, based on the numbers of the Inaugural Class. No Veteran picks were selected. Had there been, this would have brought down the standards for the FBS. When the HOF is new, and with few members, a single player can ipact the numbers greatly.

2- Hank Aaron is no longer the player who was the youngest at the time of his induction.


Al Rosen has become a new favorite of mine, thanks to these HOF exercises. The more I learn about him, the more I really love the guy. He also rocks in OOTP.

Rosen was selected 3rd overall in 2007 by the Marlins. He played with them through the 2013 season, but in those six seasons, the Fish never went to the play-offs. In an odd decision, Rosen chose to join the Cubs to get to the post season.

Perhaps realizing that this wasn't the smartest play to have made, and that he had signed a four year deal with the Lovable Losers, Rosen decided to take matters into his own hands.

In his first season as a Cub, 2014, Rosen batted .312 with 57 HR and 137 RBI. He scored 120 times and got on base at a .394 clip and slugged .649 (npa OPS+ 180). Having posted what would be career highs in HR, RBI, and R, Rosen was rewarded with a trip to the post season and the MVP.

Rosen continued his production in the post season, hitting 5 HRs in 15 post season games and took the Cubs to the WS. There, the universe tilted as they faced the Red Sox. The Cubs were swept.

The Cubs were not lacking in talent. Hank Aaron was in his prime (heck, he had 20 years of prime) and in 2016 Aaron and Rosen took the Cubs to the post season. Having missed a large portion of the season with injuries, Rosen made up for lost time in the post season, in a big way.

In 16 post season games, Rosen had 20 hits, 9 HRs, and 30 (!!!) RBI.

The Cubs disposed of the Rays (who were going for a repeat title run) and Wrigleyville erupted for 8 months of celebrations.

A big game player, Rosen hit 21 HRs in 70 post season games over 7 seasons. 2016 was his only title.

Rosen last played ML ball in 2027 and retired following the 2028 season.

He collected 4 Gold Gloves, went to 9 ASGs, and won ROY (and the aforementioned MVP) as he rapped 601 HRs (5th) amongst 2341 hits (20th).

His career slash line of 278/383/542 (*/52nd/59th) makes for a npa OPS+ of 148. He enters the HOF ranked 43rd on the all-time OPS list.

He hit 381 career doubles (57th), scored 1517 runs (6th), drove in 1682 (7th) and enters the HOF 3rd on the All Time walk list with 1380.

Rosen enters the HOF by virtue of his HOFs number being above the HOF average. He places 11th on the career VORP list and 7th on the career WAR list at the time of his induction.

Rosen enters the HOF at the age of 48.

Black Ink: 19 (23)
Gray Ink: 164 (97)
HOFm: 229.5 (82)
HOFs: 65 (28)

Gorilla Composite: 4.7 (2.6)


Duke Snider was the top pick of the 2006 draft. He became a Cleveland Indian.

As a 19 year-old he hit 59 HR and drove in 121, scored 120 and slashed 341/407/751 (npa OPS+197) to win ROY and his first of three career MVP awards.

The most amazing aspect of his career is not that he led the Indians to a WS title in 2011, but that he led them to repeat title in 2012. Talk about something that would never happen in real life.....

There will be more HOF members from those Cleveland teams, but 2012 was the last season for Snider, there.

He signed a 3 year contract with the Orioles and won the MVP in 2013 and 2014 with them. He hit 122 HR and 277 RBI in those two seasons, posting a career high 64 HRs in 2014. He declined his option and again hit the FA market. Snider was injured for 2013 post season, and his Orioles fell in the DCS as his former Indian teammates reached their third straight WS (but lost).

Snider would see his only other post season action in 2026 as a member of the San Diego Jewels (formerly the Texas Rangers). The Jewels aquired the 38 year-old in a midseason trade. They were ousted in the DCS as, once again, the Indians took the pennant (and lost).

Snider saw his last big leage action 2028, and retired following that campaign with the 2nd most HR in league history, 671. He had a career slash line of 298/375/616 (73rd/80th/14th) for a npa OPS+ of 161. Snider's career OPS ranks 15th at the time of his induction.

Snider's 1709 RBI place him 4th all time and his 1466 career runs are 9th most in league history. His 2330 career hits place him 21st, one slot behind HOF classmate Al Rosen. His 371 doubles rank him 63rd on that list.

Snider was named to 11 All Star rosters and won 2 Gold Gloves.

Snider enters the HOF at the age of 47 by virtue of his HOFs number being above the Hall average.

ADD: Snider ranks 9th on the career VORP list and 5th on the career WAR list. Snider led the league in HR three times. Each of those seasons he won the MVP.

Black Ink: 34 (28)
Gray Ink: 111 (183)
HOFm: 220 (152)
HOFs: 66 (47)

Gorilla Composite: 4.9 (3.9)


Both Rosen and Snider have been inducted into both previous OOTP HOF.


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