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Hi Joe. I'd recommend consulting the manual, which has a couple of sections on logos, ballcaps, and uniforms.

Since you have a Mac, I can't offer much help on the file locations, but on Windows machines, there is a documents forlder for Out of the Park Developments and OOOTP Baseball 14. There, you would place your files in the ballcaps, logos, and jerseys folders.

However, if you already started your game, your Facegens won't be updated unless you ask the game to do this. It's better to have all your logos, uniforms, and things in place before you start a game. Otherwise, OOTP looks for any files that are already there, and since you didn't have them in place, it will use defaults.

Again, for Mac users, I don't know much about how this works or whether it works at all. But, for the Windows version, you can go into your league settings and the player pictures functions to do mass updates or mass creation of graphics.
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