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I am editing my league's database right now, trying to clear out a bunch of players who are no longer around in real life. And the game keeps shutting down whenever I try to get rid of Jolbert Cabrera. Don't know why he's the problem, all I know is he won't stop crashing the game. This stuff happens. I will do a database purge tonight and then try to retire Cabrera again. Hopefully that will stop the problem.

And maybe that's what's wrong with the OP's database. For those of you who aren't familiar with the database purge, it takes a while to accomplish but it gets rid of most of the freezes and crashes, especially when a database starts to get bloated. Go to Game then Database Info. Click on the button in the lower right part of the screen then click Purge Database. A little screen will pop up explaining what this will do, and you'll have to enter the word purge into the little box. Once this starts, it gets rid of deleted players, teams, stats, etc., that are clogging up the game and helps it run smoother.

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