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**ATTENTION read BEFORE posting about a BUG**

Issues WILL get dealt with, there is no need to tell us that we need to fix something OR to "bump" a bug thread repeatedly. Also, addressing "Markus" in the thread topic isn't the way to go either, it doesn't speed the issue because for the most part the testers and myself report the issues to him. One patch has already been released and I'm certain that another will. IF your threads are not responded to there is a VERY good chance that we don't know why the problem is happening.

The problems are being read about and we are making a note of them, but there is honestly no need to tell us "this needs to be fixed" because it is something that we already know and "in time" will fix.

One thing that will help us is if you will be as detailed as possible when you post a problem, just telling us that your game crashed and what error message it gave isn't normally enough. Tell us about your league, your PC, etc......

I do not have any info at all in regards to the patch, when it will be out or what it will fix is yet to be determined.

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