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Under Team Home:

1) I have no idea how the content for "Home Page" and "Meet the Team" was developed or thought about. Much of it is redundant between the two tabs.
2) Also, the stats lists currently under "Info" seems like it would fit better in "Home"

In fact "Home" does not seem to be so much "Home" as "Current Performance" or something like that. If one were to rename it that (or "Current Season Overview"), it would make sense, and then the "Info" stats would completely fit. One could then rename "info" (which is valueless) as "History" ... which would have the History tab and Retired Players (and you could even put in a HoF tab (or a team HoF tab, which most online leagues do in forums or outside areas today).

Bottom line, the Team information pages are not particularly tidy these days, and there's no reason for it.

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