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Originally Posted by thehip41 View Post
That shouldn't matter.
Well, I couldn't get a schedule to load so I just generated one. I played the season and when the playoffs started no team reached 162 games. The teams finished with 151 to 155 games. So I restored my backup, moved the divisions around and loaded the schedule again. This time it was a successful import. I played the season and everyone finished with 162 before the start of the playoffs. Divisions are 5/6/6 and 6/6/5. I can only conclude that you have to use a schedule with the right amount of teams, number of games, and the right amount of teams in each division according to the schedule you use. This is how the name of the schedule reads.

ILY_BGN_G162_SL1_D1_T5_D2_T6_D3_T6_SL2_D1_T6_D2_T6 _D3_T5_C_T34_D144_IL18_HIP.lsdl.
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