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Originally Posted by julius View Post
Well, my experience with the NHL licensing process consists of it being an excuse that you offer when long-standing customers query you on why a release is being delayed. Can you confirm that the NHL license causes no such delay? If so, you will need to amend your response (for example, see your posts above).
Yes, I can absolutely confirm no such delay in the release of the game. We've never stated a release, but our original internal time frame has never been missed.

Please note that I refer here not to the normal delay and time required to develop each version (which is what you address in your response above) but the additional delay caused by having the NHL review your proposal, which is an entirely different matter. You have confirmed this additional delay both this year and last when directly asked.
You stated the game should be out in September. You simply assumed.

Let's tackle my other observations shall we? Can you confirm that the NHL license is free and is not a cost that you pass on to the ultimate purchaser? Do you really think I need hands-on experience dealing with the NHL to know this is not the case? But, please tell me I am wrong.
Your assumptions when you have no experience with it makes what you may or may not think irrelevant because it's not truth.

You state that "there is a reason we are licensed" but then fail to divulge any reason. As I noted, it is a very simple process to download rosters, logos etc., so that can't be the reason. Moreover, if you run your league over a few seasons, most players end up being computer-created anyways. Plus, there are many of us creating custom leagues who have no need at all for the NHL license.
We don't have any need to divulge more. Your statement of facts is what is convenient for you does not necessarily mean it is for everyone. We poll and can see some stats that tells us where most of our games are played and you sir and no where in the ballpark.

Since we are paying for this license (subject to your telling me I am wrong about this), can you please articulate for us the advantages in doing so.
No, I have no need to go into this. If Markus wants to, that's fine. But this topic is now at an end. I gave fine information explaining the situation and rather than take that information as a positive sign, you've twisted it and tried to change my words. That is not okay. Your demands are not going to be met, nor will it change the answer I give.

The question was asked, and answered.
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