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EA's NHL series is completely tied to the NHL-you can't create non-NHL leagues and customization is a joke. Even using the NHL name in the title would require a copyright license from the NHL. Player portraits, arenas etc all require copyright licenses.

The FHM series is significantly different. There are no graphics to speak of and league customization, a robust franchise mode and flexibility are the main advantages it offers. It is not tied exclusively to the NHL and there should be no copyright issues if we download rosters etc.

What I particularly dislike, in addition to further enriching the NHL New York office for no discernible reason, is the leverage that this license provides the NHL in how games are developed. For example, NHL corporate public relations wants to de-emphasize physical play. It then requires the games that it licenses to reduce hitting/fighting in order to suit the new corporate image. I expect the official response from FHM is "this never happens" but what else is the NHL reviewing this game for before 'approving' it? The thought of this happening is grating.

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