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Real quick

I'm not sure. Interesting you ask us. It doesn't seem a big problem right now…neither some unfair advantage cheating the cap system OR fatigue OR the bench & pen being irrelevant or too relevant.

I don't think you should force the bench to matter any more than it does… (pinch hitter, runner, alternate lineup guy). These are small things but you can only fit 8 or 9 (DH) position players plus one pitcher in the game at a time and it can often help to use another situationally. If you put them back to regular levels, then they have 10 or 15 pitches LESS stamina, you said? Well that would be good for making the pen matter and hold up. I lost one of my first tournament because I skimped on my pen, so they only pitch 1-3 innings many times, but they can definitely lose you a game if you don't carry good pitchers…

And I think you did a good job with the cap numbers overall. Where they are it makes it difficult to sort of put out 5 100 starters and 8 near 100 position players & skimp everywhere else. But as I already mentioned that could very easily lose you a number of games anyway.

I imagine there are a number of things you could do if you felt up to changing things…limit number of perfects or perfect starters…have a cap plus limits or minimums on certain levels of card values off the top of my head.
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