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For me the big problem has been position player fatigue, not pitcher fatigue. The AI keeps playing guys until 5 or 6 guys are all tired at once, and micro-ing is not always possible. I have not experienced any exceptional bullpen fatigue. My starters pitch many complete games even though I have quickest hook possible set. Contrast with the standard game where my starters had 1 complete game last week in the regular game with quick hook set 3 clicks left of center. Maybe that's because my pitchers all top ten starters and my bullpen are all starters (who may recover stamina more quickly, or have more to use up). It seems to me if you put pitcher stamina back to normal you just transfer the problem to position player fatigue. If it's possible, I think a day off between series should be mandatory even if all teams are ready to play would be a nice compromise. You don't get a day off if you sweep if all your opponents sweep, too. (Meanwhile, work on separating starting pitcher stamina from bullpen pitching stamina!) Another possibility is to increase roster size to 26, which is happening in real life in 2020 anyway So for our tournaments maybe 27 is a good number. Another possibility is to allow for switching out players between series as is possible in regular game postseason.

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