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Question Lets talk about fatigue in tournaments

Update: OK folks, thanks for your feedback! We will update the servers now, and the pitcher fatigue is back to the regular PT league default. Also, we have significantly reduced the number of pitches a pure reliever (stamina less than 25 / 100) can throw when used as a SP.

Hey guys,

As you know, there are no off-days in tournaments. We did this because we wanted the bench to matter, too. So we set position player fatigue to very high and eliminated off-days. The problem now was that bullpens got exhausted pretty quickly, especially for teams which had to go the distance in a series. To combat this, we increased the global pitcher stamina setting by one step, which now makes bullpen management a bit easier. The downside is, that also applies to the starting pitchers, who now have about 10-15 pitches more stamina than in regular PT leagues. This is not ideal. So, what to do? We want to keep off-days eliminated.

So, two possible scenarios:
1) We leave it as is.
2) We set the pitcher stamina setting back to regular PT league level, but that will mean people will have to manage their rostrer differently and carry one or two extra relievers.



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