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Originally Posted by gmo View Post
A couple issues...

The total numbers do not allow for exact balance in the total numbers of games and the home/away splits among the opponents. But I can get as close as possible.

Are the second & third 8 teams total or 2 subleagues each with 8 teams?

For the second 100 games is not divisible by 3 to allow for all 3-game series. I recommend 102 games since that is divisible not only by 3 but also 6 to allow even home/away splits in total with all 3-game series.
First question regarding number of teams in each subleague (2), yes!

102 games is fine with me.

As far as your first observation, please make any adjustments you need. If this means bumping the number of games up, that is fine as well.

Thanks a bunch,

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