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Please read BEFORE applying any "patches" to the game.

A special thanks to Henry for crafting the following:

Recommended method in applying patches or upgrading versions


ANYTIME you apply a "patch" to OOTP, various aspects of the game maybe different, or change, as a result. Since patches do, in many cases, change the way various routines are handled, results can differ from previous, non-patched, versions. For example... contract extensions, free agent offers, etc. can all be different after a patch. It is STRONGLY recommended that you wait until the off-season to apply patches if these changes might be detrimental to your expectations. This recommendation is especially stressed for online leagues.


If you are in an online league and various GMs in the league are using different versions (5.10, 5.13, 5.14, etc) the results of uploading and downloading files from these different versions could affect the stability of the game. It is not possible for us to test all game issues across all combinations of versions or patches. We, therefore, strongly recommend that the commissioner insist of all league members to be using the same version of the game. OOTP will address issues that occur only when using the same version.

We also encourage ALL commissioners to BACK UP YOUR LEAGUE often so you have the capability yourself to "roll back" a league in the event an uncorrectable corruption of the the data occurs.
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