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Could you please come back to the P401 league and put your diamond players back in your active roster and remove your bronze and 50 rated players. It is not fare to our league and it is not fare to the Diamond league that you are readily trying to run back to. Cowards like you is what ruins games like this. You are not really good enough to play by the rules so you ruin it for everyone else involved who has the misfortune of playing in the same league with you. So could you please stop just thinking about yourself and think of the others involved in not only our league but the lower league you are trying to run to and come back and adjust your team from your Reserve roster? I can understand people who are bad with strategy (That’s what separate winners from losers) but I can not understand anyone who just thinks of them self’s and ruins leagues of every level because they are not good enough to compete on one level and want to go down to dominate on a lower one. Believe me I would gladly see you go because I want to compete with the best but you are in my Division and it ruins it for those in other Divisions who are actually trying to get a Wild card birth. So please come back and fix this....😁
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