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Exclamation August 1st 2018 Roster Update/Quickstart

Hi all!

We wanted to give the community a little present of an updated roster set. This quickstart begins at Opening Day but it includes rosters that are updated to reflect the current rosters as of the trade deadline, August 1st.

So if you want to play out the year and see how your team would have done with its current rosters all year, now you can do so.

For the most part all we've done is updated transactions. There may be a few ratings changes, but they certainly aren't comprehensive.

Plus 2018 draftees and amateur fa signings are not updated to their new teams, as we've left them in the draft for now.

The above package contains both a new quickstart file and a wtp file you can use to replace the template file currently in OOTP and start a new game with these rosters.

To install the quickstart, download the above file and unzip it to your quickstarts folder. Go to your game settings, on the last tab, there is a button to open your data folder. From there navigate to the quickstarts folder and unzip the file. Then you should be able to start a new quickstart game from this. By default, this will overwrite the OD quickstart. If you want to keep that, first rename it to something else, like Majors_OD.quick before you unzip this file in the quickstart_games folder.

If you want to replace the .wtp file so that you can use these rosters in a new standard game so you can select which leagues you want to include, you can do the following:

Navigate to your main OOTP data folder and then to the folder called world_templates. For most default installations of the game on Windows you should be able to find it at C:\Documents\Out of the Park Developments\OOTP Baseball 19\world_templates

Once you get there make a backup of the file already in that folder called default.wtp

Then unzip this file into the folder. Then start the game as normal, select the 'standard game' option and then pick which leagues you'd like to include. Then the game will create a new universe for you using these updated rosters!

Hope you enjoy this!

As always, thanks so much for supporting us and for being such a fantastic community!

The OOTP Developments Team

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