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Bingo. Everything you've fixed has been confirmed on this end too. Loving it more and more.

Oh, and one other thing. This isn't a bug or anything, merely something we were trying to figure out in the names forum. Anyway, I know why your flags aren't showing up. In double checking the regions to see if they were correct on my end, which they were, I noticed that the abbreviations for Westeros and Essos have a space in front of them. This is partially why they show up first in the Explore World screen. I thought they were showing up first because they were user-created for some reason...whatever. Basically, though, double-check your probably have [abbr=" ESS"] and [abbr=" WES"] (no brackets, of course) when that space shouldn't be there.

Unless others want it, you don't have to update the quickstart on account of two wayward spaces. They're merely there for whenever you want to add other great things to this. However, I am curious what to expect from those flags...
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