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Originally Posted by siobhan View Post
What happened with the IDs in question is that, a couple of versions ago, every city in Uganda and Sierra Leone was being merged into identically named regions in American Samoa and Fiji, respectively. Maybe the guide was made prior to that being fixed. I also think they added the Vatican around that same time, so that might be why they have a high number as well.

I admittedly didn't check the intended Westeros/Essos ratios, but I got the impression that there shouldn't be a problem with them in future drafts if you've got zero random nation players. It was probably just something that happened in the inaugural draft that you inadvertently missed, like I think you suggested. Knowing the intended ratios, I can say I'm a little surprised there weren't more Essosi players generated in the quickstart, as they only make up a shade less than 0.5% of the players in the six leagues. (Or, less than the number of Earth players...) I've had things happen in test leagues of my own where important nations get less than their share in a large-scale that's not an issue at all.

Name generation isn't an issue at all in my mind, though I noticed seven players in the quickstart are surnamed Unknown. (Three are from the US while the other four are from Westeros.) I actually am of the mind that thinks Unknown would be a fitting name for this universe, but I'm open to the thought that such a thing isn't intentional. I forget what triggers Unknown surnames in an existing nameset, so if that isn't intentional, I really don't know what to do.

Thanks for responding to my feedback. It may look pedantic, but I ask because I care about making a good thing even better. I may not know the Westerosi and Essosi universes, but I want to at least get a feel for what it might be like.

As I said last time, keep it up. These are great leagues to have.
it's the little things that tend to bug me as well, so appreciate any spotlight on them. I went in and updated all the city/state IDs last night (bumped them all well above what the highest one, so shouldn't have any duplicate entries). I'll work on regenerating the leagues and create them all at once; and see if that clears up both the odd state/country entries, but also the random 'Earth' players as well.
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