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I remember in the names/nations thread that you had asked about how to set up a universe...if this is the one you were setting up, I'm glad to see it come to fruition.

I know nothing about the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire universes (I just know the books and show are popular), but I like what you've done with this. Terrific start and nice attention to detail.

I did notice two things, however:

1. Westeros has "Central Uganda", "Western Uganda", and "Vatican City" areas. Perhaps they share an ID with the actual areas? Essos might have that issue too...there are locational areas in Essos (I saw Northern, Central, Eastern, and Southern, though) but they're not mentioned in the list of areas when you explore the nation.

2. Though the names are all in Westerosi/Essosi formats, you have about 1% of the players that come from real-life nations. None are in the main League of Thrones, but a few are sprinkled throughout the lower leagues. With the names being right to my knowledge, it's not the biggest deal, but it can be odd seeing an American player in Westeros, for example.

I'd help you in remedying that above issue if you feel it needs tinkered with, but I thought that switching random nation to 0% would've been enough...I guess it's not. Plus, I don't know how much you're supposed to limit the number of Essos players in Westeros, so I don't know if you include both continents in the same region or not.

These are only minor issues, as I'm otherwise really enjoying what you've done with this. Keep it up.
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