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League of Thrones

First attempt at a quickstart, so hope it actually works as expected. The files can be downloaded here (let me know if it doesn't work or if there are issues):

(edit: link updated 3/23/18 - OOTP version 19)

v20 version:

Saw a few inquiries regarding a quickstart based off the Game of Thrones series, so figured I'd take a crack at it; so I give you...

A League of Thrones: Season of Ice and Fire. I used data/images from 'a wiki of ice and fire' to obtain team logos (house crests), cities (houses), and team owners. Since there are nine major regions in Westeros, but only six divisions in a standard MLB modern setup, I merged some regions together to try and balance out the number of teams/houses available to each one.

There are six separate league (ML, AAA, AA, A, and two Independent leagues) to try and include all the houses of Westeros (I split the minor league structure into separate leagues so each house could have their own actual team owner). All teams have custom logos (either pulled from the wiki's house coat-of-arms, or Justafan's 'league of thrones' creations). I made basic caps/jerseys for the ML/AAA/AA/A teams using Justafan's cap/jersey creator (but didn't get to the 68 independent league teams). I'll admit I'm no artist and they are as basic as you can get, so if any more artistic people want to take a crack at 'em, feel free.

big thanks to:

-Justafan for the awesome logos and super-easy logo/cap/jersey creators

-Dreifort for the "dummy's guide" to XML editing for the world.xml file, not to mention the excel spreadsheet for creating new cities.

- The Wolf for the Serna XML editor suggestion in Driefort's thread.

- Bobble for the great work on the uniforms.

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