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United States of Baseball

United States of Baseball

Full League Name (Initials): United States of Baseball (USOB)
Reports URL: Home
Forums URL: USOB Forums
OOTP Version: OOTP 14
Game Needed: Required
Players: Fictional
# of Teams: 26 (But continually looking to expanding goal of 30)
Export Days: Mon/Wed/Fri
League Time Per Sim: 7 days
First Season: 2012
Latest Season: 2020
• Coaches – OFF
• Scouts – OFF
• DH for both leagues
• 1-20 rating scale
• 3 rounds of playoffs
• 3 minor league teams
• 154 game regular season
• ComeChat for interaction between GMs
• Statslab use for award voting, all star voting, and the draft

If this looks good to you and you would like to put in an application as we have started a new recruiting process. Please contact Will @ and he will start the application process. Not everyone gets into this league, but if you do………… will LOVE IT.

Requirements: Export 3 times per week and participate in our League Forum responding to all votes, etc. Participation in this league also rewards you with points to be used to help develop your prospects. These points can also be earned by writing articles and supplying original content to our community as well as helping contribute to our backstory. More info on this when you apply for a GM job.


We are in the playoffs of 2020 season and are looking for up to 4 GMs to either take over existing franchises or possible expansion teams.

Please contact: for application process to see where you would fit. You will LOVE this league!!

Home Page

The league started in August of 2012 and is in its 9th season. Roughly half of the league is original members.
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