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English counties as states (WIP)

This is a mod which takes the English cities in the world default file and puts them into states for their correct counties. It also adds regions for each county and the English regions (East Midlands, South East England, etc). Currently it's not finished, and because the world default file is 9+ MB in size I can't attach the whole thing to this post, but I can attach the XML file I'm working on. If you want to use it as it is, feel free. You need to replace the "England" entry in "world_default.xml" with the contents of this file (except the regions part at the bottom), then copy the regions part to the appropriate place at the end of the world default file. Clearly you should back up you world default file first.

Current stats:

- Added 835 new "cities" to the database (Will be over 1000 when I'm finished, for sure)
- fixed a number of population and lat / long errors / omissions.
- split cities up into states, by county (not finished)
- added a region for each county (not finished)
- added a region for each English region (So far I've done East Midlands, East of England, South East and South West)
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