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Still a lot of offdays here with the 50 game schedule that's used in the 1872 and 1873 seasons. N.B.: None of these are using RL 19th century schedules, just in case anyone's trying to get 100% accurate 19th century schedules here. I believe the user on these boards with the handle "BaseballMan" made some schedules for 19th century baseball as it really happened. My brain could be failing me on that though. These are just schedules for the manner in which the game advances with the out of the box settings. Again it's a League with 2 Sub-Leagues, 1 Division in each, with 4 Teams in each, and 50 Games per Team. 182 Days, 50 Games, 132 Days Off for each team. Also the teams play one competitor 19 times, one 16 times, and one 15 times. Sometimes that's the way it shakes out, particularly when the number of games cannot be divided by the competitors to produce a whole number. Here it is:
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