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Major League Sim Baseball (MLSB) - 3 Openings

My name is Bret Rock and I am the co-commish of the MLSB.

We are a long-running league (started in 2007) and are wrapping up our 2050 season.

We started as a "real" MLB league and have all the original teams, however, we have had some league evolution over the years, including:

- two expansion teams entered the league (Carolina and Portland) which allowed us to re-align to two leagues and four divisions.

- the DH has been implemented in both leagues

- draft pick trading is allowed

We have an awesome and active GM group that is very competitive, but also friendly and helpful to newcomers.

We sim M/W/F during the season (7 days at a time) and M-F during the off-season.

We use Stats+ and will be moving to OOTP20 as of Wednesday of next week. We only switch games every other iteration to avoid GMs having to buy each new version.

We rarely have openings, but we are actually at three currently (Indians, Reds, Dodgers).

If you are interested, please do let me know either via PM here or by e-mail at




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