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Just a couple things to add here:

I'm playing in 1991-92 as the San Jose Sharks.

1. I cannot seem to sign any free agents, even if they are clearly signable (i.e. not draft eligible, no rights held by another organization). Can't figure out if I don't know what I'm doing or its a bug!

2. The 1992 entry draft order should, according to the league set-up, be based on standings. Instead, the order seems to be random. I finished 2nd last and am drafting 16th, while the Vancouver Canucks won the Stanley Cup and finished 3rd best in the regular season and are drafting 3rd.

3. When an expansion draft occurred in 1992 for the Senators and Lightning, they both drafted teams of essentially only enforcers because of the way enforcer player ratings have been artificially elevated.

Otherwise, much improved from any previous build imo.
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