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In general the playoff formats for historical play seem to be missing. My game started in 1989-90 when the playoffs started with two rounds of divisional matchups but in the game it uses the modern conference format with division winners seeded 1/2.

I also don't think the expansion drafts work at the moment. Again, in my game I've got through the San Jose and Ottawa/Tampa expansions and the teams appear and get their entry draft picks, but there is no expansion draft and the teams have to fill their teams through free agents (the few that are available), waiver claims and I'm guessing some purely fictional players. That in turn led me to find another bug: I traded for San Jose's first round pick in the 1992-93 draft while playing the 1991-92 season (figuring they were guaranteed to finish last) but when the next season started they magically got that pick back. It might be related to the two new teams getting created and added to the draft order.
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