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  • Retire random prospect - Reliever Bucky Jacobs (NY Yankees), the #37 prospect in baseball, retires at 25.
  • Hurt random 4*+ - 35-year-old Lou Gehrig (Red Sox) has his ability reduced from 4.5* to 3.5*
  • Historic relocation - After a single unsuccessful season, the Blue Jays relocate to Philadelphia, reforming the Philadelphia Athletics.
- Ace Pete Donohue moved from the Browns to Minnesota in free agency.
- Goose Goslin signed with Texas from the Angels.

American League
Minnesota Twins (93-61)
Washington Senators (90-64)
Chicago White Sox (89-65)
New York Yankees (83-71)
St. Louis Browns (79-75)
Cleveland Indians (78-76)
Detroit Tigers (77-77)
Kansas City Royals (75-79)
Texas Rangers (73-81)
Baltimore Orioles (72-82)
Dayton Angels (72-82)
Boston Red Sox (70-84)
Nashville Sounds (69-85)
Philadelphia Athletics (58-96)

AL MVP: Jimmie Foxx (Cleveland) (7th award)
AL CYA: Cliff Melton (St. Louis)
AL ROY: Ted Williams (Philadelphia)

National League
Brooklyn Dodgers (101-54)
Milwaukee Brewers (100-55)
Louisville Colonels (92-62)
Chicago Cubs (84-70)
Philadelphia Phillies (83-71)
Cincinnati Reds (82-72)
Pittsburgh Pirates (79-75)
Boston Braves (76-78)
Montreal Expos (74-80)
New York Giants (73-81)
St. Louis Cardinals (70-84)
Newark Bears (63-91)
Durham Bulls (53-101)
Indianapolis Hoosiers (49-105)

NL MVP: Hank Greenberg (Brooklyn)
NL MOP: Dutch Leonard (Pittsburgh)
NL ROY: Charlie Keller (Durham)

Statistical Leaders
Batting Average: Jimmie Foxx (Cleveland) .286, Hank Greenberg (Brooklyn) .284
Home Runs: Jimmie Foxx (Cleveland) 53, Hank Greenberg (Brooklyn) 49
Runs Batted In: Jimmie Foxx (Cleveland) 114, Hank Greenberg (Brooklyn) 136
Stolen Bases: Augie Galan (Washington) 20, Lonny Frey (Brooklyn) 20
WAR: Jimmie Foxx (Cleveland) 15.6, Hank Greenberg (Brooklyn) 12.3

Wins: Claude Passeau (Kansas City) 27, Carl Fischer (Chicago) 23
ERA: Cliff Melton (St. Louis) 1.31, Carl Fischer (Chicago) 1.53
Strikeouts: Johnny Vander Meer (Minnesota) 162, Paul Dean (Chicago) / Hal Newhouser (Newark) 127
Saves: Clarence Pickrel (Chicago) / Bill Weir (Detroit) / Jim Winford (Texas), Paul Hopkins (Philadelphia) 37
WAR: Cliff Melton (St. Louis) 11.6, Dutch Leonard (Pittsburgh) 12.3

- The Twins' excellent pitching staff led them to the pennant. Johnny Vander Meer, Johnny Babich, Dizzy Trout, and Pete Donohue all had very strong years on the mound, while slugger Johnny Mize was the star at the plate. Minnesota won the pennant for the first time since 1930.
- Brooklyn required a one-game playoff to win their first NL title since 1914. Ken O'Dea drove in six runs for the Dodgers, as they downed Milwaukee 9-3. Hank Greenberg, Wally Berger, and Fritz Ostermueller were the stars.
- Foxx won his second Triple Crown. Only in 1928 and 1929 had the Triple Crown previously been won by hitters in both leagues.
- Ted Williams (Athletics) had an excellent rookie season, hitting .270 with 49 home runs.
- Cliff Melton (Browns) finished first or second in all three Triple Crown categories.
- Joe DiMaggio (Louisville) struggled compared to his first three years in the league, batting just .234 with 41 homers.
- Dayton traded veteran star catcher Gabby Hartnett to the New York Yankees for two minor leaguers.

Achievements & Milestones
- Ken Keltner (Washington) hit three home runs in a game.
- Rookie Barney McCosky (Nashville) went 6-for-6 with a walk, in fourteen innings against Dayton. He is the first man to have six hits in a game since 1924.
- Vito Tamulis (Phillies) threw a perfect game on May 6th against the Cardinals.
- Dizzy Dean (Phillies) threw a no-hitter on opening day.
- Heinie Manush (Texas) tallied his 2000th hit.
- Goose Goslin (Texas), Ripper Collins (NY Giants), and Bill Dickey (Milwaukee) reached 300 home runs.
- Bill Terry (Texas) hit his 400th homer.
- Gabby Hartnett (Dayton) joined Ruth, Wilson, Gehrig, and Foxx in the 500 home run club.
- Syl Johnson (Pittsburgh) and George Uhle (NY Giants) won their 250th games.

World Series
- Minnesota defeated Brooklyn, 5 games to 2.
- Dizzy Trout was the MVP, winning both starts, and allowing just one run in 16 IP.
- The Twins scored six runs in the seventh inning of Game Two, including a three-run homer by Odell Hale, as Minnesota won 7-6.
- Ross Bauers (Brooklyn) allowed just a single run on a hit and four walks in Game Four, and his Dodgers won 8-1.
- Johnny Vander Meer (Minnesota) was dominant in Game Five, allowing one hit in his shutout, for a 6-0 Twins win.
- Trout shutout the Dodgers in Game Seven, with Travis Jackson bashing a double and a homer as Minnesota secured the series.
- Johnny Mize (Minnesota) was 5-22.
- Gene Moore (Minnesota) and Jackson both had six RBI.
- Johnny Babich (Minnesota) also won both of his starts.
- Hank Greenberg (Brooklyn) struggled, picking up only four hits.
- The Twins won their first ring in their third trip to the Fall Classic.

- Syl Johnson. Workhorse for the Twins and Pirates. 251-199 career record, 111 ERA+.
- Bob Meusel. Five-time All-Star for the Red Sox. 2130 hits, 342 HR, 138 OPS+.

- Pete Reiser went first to Indianapolis.
- Durham picked Walker Cooper at #2.
- Wally Judnich was chosen by the Athletics third.
- Newark opted for Pee Wee Reese with the fourth pick.
- Dom DiMaggio was picked by the Red Sox seventh.

Hank Greenberg was the National League MVP and Triple Crown winner.

Johnny Mize was the key hitter on the world champion team.
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