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  • Shorten playoffs - the LCS is eliminated, only the top team in the league will make the postseason.
  • Random playoff rule - the World Series will revert to the 4 home, 4 away, 1 home format.
  • 3 more fan loyalty - Providence's fan loyalty is increased from 7 to 10.
- The Phillies traded starter Art Nehf to Louisville for catching prospect Cy Perkins.
- Charles Bender moved from the Yankees to the Cubs in free agency.
- Veteran Bill Bradley left Brooklyn, signing with the Tigers.
- AL Cy Young winner Frank Corridon moved from the White Sox to Pittsburgh.
- Bill Donovan left the Reds, and returned to Brooklyn.
- Tom Hughes moved across town from the White Sox to the Cubs.
- Ed Walsh replaced Corridon and Hughes, moving from the Dodgers to the White Sox.

American League
Baltimore Orioles (88-52)
Milwaukee Brewers (87-53)
Cleveland Indians (81-59)
Chicago White Sox (80-60)
Detroit Tigers (77-63)
Minnesota Twins (71-69)
Providence Angels (67-73)
New York Yankees (63-77)
Philadelphia Quakers (59-81)
Kansas City Athletics (58-82)
Boston Red Sox (56-84)
Washington Senators (53-87)

AL MVP: Tris Speaker (Milwaukee) (4th award, 2nd in AL)
AL CYA: Walter Johnson (Detroit) (3rd award)
AL ROY: Dickey Kerr (Detroit)

National League
Boston Braves (91-49)
New York Giants (84-56)
Louisville Colonels (79-61)
Brooklyn Dodgers (77-63)
Kansas City Packers (77-63)
New Jersey Nationals (71-69)
Chicago Cubs (70-70)
Pittsburgh Pirates (65-75)
Philadelphia Phillies (59-81)
St. Louis Cardinals (57-83)
Buffalo Bisons (55-85)
Cincinnati Reds (55-85)

NL MVP: Babe Ruth (Boston) (3rd award)
NL MOP: Vean Gregg (Louisville)
NL ROY: Frankie Frisch (St. Louis)

Statistical Leaders
Batting Average: Tris Speaker (Milwaukee) .376, George Sisler (New York) .369
Home Runs: Rogers Hornsby (Milwaukee) 17, Babe Ruth (Boston) 35
Runs Batted In: Jack Tobin (Baltimore) 107, Babe Ruth (Boston) 93
Stolen Bases: Jack Smith (Chicago) 35, Fred Snodgrass (Philadelphia) 36
WAR: Tris Speaker (Milwaukee) 9.7, Babe Ruth (Boston) 10.2

Wins: Walter Johnson (Detroit) / Frank Lange (Milwaukee) / Dutch Leonard (Cleveland) 21, Erskine Meyer (New York) 22
ERA: Walter Johnson (Detroit) 1.72, Vean Gregg (Louisville) 1.59
Strikeouts: Harry Krause (Boston) 154, Vean Gregg (Louisville) 1.59
Saves: Fred Applegate (Chicago) / Josh Swindell (Baltimore) 23, Tom Sheehan (Kansas City) 30
WAR: Dutch Leonard (Cleveland) 6.6, Bill Donovan (Brooklyn) 6.6

- The Orioles won the AL pennant on the last day, as Hank Severeid (Minnesota) hit a walk-off single to down the reigning champion Brewers.
- The Braves cruised to a second-straight NL title.
- Speaker had an outstanding season, batting .376/.431/.593.
- Ruth showed he was the greatest power hitter the world has ever seen, destroying the home run record.
- Vean Gregg was two wins away from the Triple Crown.
- 42-year-old Bill Donovan (Brooklyn) shone on his return, bouncing back from two mediocre seasons to lead the NL in WHIP and WAR.
- Louisville had the best starting rotation in baseball, but poor hitting and bullpen work relegated them to third place in the NL.
- Minnesota traded starter Bill Steen to Baltimore for veteran Hal Chase and a prospect.

Achievements & Milestones
- Joe Judge (Baltimore) hit for the cycle.
- Joe Boehling (KC Packers) and Bill Steen (Baltimore) both threw no-hitters.
- Jimmy Sheckard (White Sox) joined Ginger Beaumont and Bill Bradley in the 2500 hits club.
- Ty Cobb (Brooklyn) tallied his 2000th hit.
- Bill Donovan (Brooklyn) became the first man to win 250 games.
- Glenn Liebhardt (Cubs) and Frank Corridon (Pittsburgh) won their 200th games.
- Ed Walsh (White Sox) became the seventh man to strike out 2000 batters.
- Ralph Caldwell (Louisville) saved his 400th game, a feat never before achieved.
- Walter Johnson (Detroit) became the first starter to throw 300 complete games.

World Series
- Baltimore defeated Boston, 5 games to 3.
- Joe Judge was the series MVP. The first baseman was 11-23 with a homer and three RBI.
- Steve Yerkes (Boston) was the goat in Game One, as he booted a groundball which should have ended the ninth inning, but instead allowed Jack Tobin to score the winning run for the Orioles.
- Babe Ruth (Boston) went 3-5 with a double, a homer, four RBI, and three runs score in Game Two, as the Braves romped to an 11-1 win.
- Bill Steen (Baltimore) took his second victory of the series in Game Five, going the distance as the O's won 5-1.
- A three-run eighth inning rally by Boston in Game Six tied up the series, with the Braves winning 3-1.
- Bob Groom (Baltimore) threw a shutout in Game Seven, taking his team within a game of victory.
- Ruth hit his second homer of the series in Game Eight, but it wasn't enough, as Baltimore won the game and series 5-3.

- Ginger Beaumont. The all-time hit king, with 2689 safeties. Won three World Series with the Pirates, with WS MVP in 1912. Four All-Star bids and six Silver Sluggers in center field. 40-game hitting streak in 1908 is still the record.
- Charles Bender. The 35-year-old was forced to retire with a recurring shoulder injury. He was a 197-149 pitcher with a 2.16 ERA, and was named to four All-Star teams, mostly for Duluth/Minnesota.
- Frank Chance. Eight-time All-Star at first base for the Cubs. 1883 career hits, and four Gold Gloves for good defense.
- Mike Donlin. A five-time All-Star and six-time Silver Slugger for the Orioles. 2104 career hits and a .302 average.
- Jeff Pfeffer. 1914 NL MOP. Athletics regretted trading him to Pittsburgh in 1909. Three world titles with the Pirates. 180-141, with a 2.72 ERA.

- The Senators chose Ray Grimes with the first pick.
- Buffalo opted for Joe Sewell at two.
- Bibb Falk went third to Cincinnati.
- Bob Meusel was the Red Sox's choice with the fourth selection.

Joe Judge was World Series MVP.

Ginger Beaumont retired as the all-time hits leader.
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