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Hello, I am hoping to join an online league. I'm excited to get going and can assure you that I will be active and participation will not be an issue. Thanks!

What type of a league are you looking for?

- Previous/Current Online League Experience:
I have never been in an online league but have always wanted to. Finally decided to try to get involved. I have played OOTP for probably around 10 years, always in franchise mode.

- Are you interested in a league with writing or writing requirements?
Either way. I have been published in the numismatic community so writing is not an issue.

- What is the best way to contact you?
Forum PM or email (

- Anything else Commissioners should know?
I am a 39 year old lifelong baseball fan. Even before I found OOTP I ran franchise mode in whatever baseball game of the era would allow it, so I've been doing this sort of thing for quite a while, just not with others unfortunately. I am looking forward to getting started! Thanks!
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