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Thanks for All the Interest

I've been in Our League (formerly named the Real League) since the start, and it has been fun. It will be only better with more players. The way it's been going so far, I have been keeping track of the teams, checking the League we end up in for members of Our League.
Then I go through the schedules to find which Our League members are current, and post standings as the week goes by with only Our League games listed. The champion is determined by winning percentage, although teams that play a limited number of games (due to PT placement AI) are not eligible. With the list growing (now 13 by my count), we should get more games against each other.

Just remember to all all the teams user names to your friends list, and then go to your preferences and select "use friends list." Also important is to click "submit team" after you've done this.

Don't worry if we end up in different levels. Using these types of players tends to level the strength of the rosters. If we do end up with enough teams in different levels, we could run, for example, an Our League Bronze and an Our League Silver simultaneously.

Good luck in building your teams. Finally, for those that want more than one team, I play three in 19 and don't repeat players across the rosters. It makes it easier to follow and gives each team a distinct personality, which helps when they play each other.
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