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I'm not going to do specific years or decades. I meant retro in a more general sense. There won't be bow ties or pockets, just something a bit less modern than what I've already done.

With that said, I recently noticed I could've done a lot better with some of the logos. It never crossed my mind to test what they look like with the dark, light, and classic backgrounds. Not to mention the lighter and darker team screen colors. I know a lot of people probably don't care, but I do. Some of them can be improved mostly by adding a lighter color border, which I'm going to do, so they work with both the light and dark backgrounds. I'm still learning. I hope the devs will change some of the dropdown colors we've been complaining about. That would help everybody.

Also, for organization's sake, I may start a new thread and redo what I need to redo and add what I want to add. I would like to add more logo alternatives (such as circular and/or squared versions). Adding stuff to this thread will create a huge mess for teams already posted. I want it to be better and easier for everyone. Don't worry about workload. Thanks to my health I have a lot of free time. Forgive me.
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