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here is the team that is competing in the Perfect mini-whale league for me.

I also like RP Adam Cimber as a specialist for Right Handed guys.
He is very cheap and has crazy platoon stats.

I don't have any experience with Rose (71) as my DH. I am testing him this season instead of Dan Murphy.
Also testing Paul O'Neill but I may have to go back from Medwick/Garr/Victorino.

I try to make sure all my outfielders have very high defensive ratings. If they don't have high defensive stats (Enos Slaughter), I make sure I have a defensive backup that can get rotated in once we get ahead in the game.
Gilliam (2B) /Simmons (Util) /Pesky (3B) are trained to all infield positions so you can have Simmons start (vs LHPs) and give rest to someone else.

Put Richie Ashburn into CF and forget about that position. take a look at the screen shot of my seasons in Perfect League.
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