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Originally Posted by Arc Flash View Post
Thanks Bigrod it works great with Apache Open Office.

I would like to know if this program can be used to import non-historical players from other leagues and if so how would I do it?
Excellent question. Yes it sure can as long as that player is in the master.csv and has a lahmanID. You'll have to mod your master.csv and use it. You can't use the historical.odb file.

1. Give all players without a lahman ID a fake ID and make sure it's not the same as any other player's lahman id(you can use their bbref minors id for this purpose if you want it doesn't matter as long as it's unique). OOTP only imports player's according to their lahmanID irregardless of what other's may say.

2. Make sure those players have a Debut Year in the Debut Column (for those that don't have a lahman ID it would be the year they first appeared on any team in our database) and last yr. played in the Last yr. played column. For players still playing, last yr. is the current yr. (for ootp 15 it would be 2013 and for 16 it would be 2014).

BTW: I add the minor lg. stats every year for ootp and any player born during and after 1986, have their complete real life stats in our db. Only exceptions are the new leagues (DSL, VSL, Mexican as well as Int'l lgs.) that were added in 15. Those players may only have their 2013 stats as I didn't do those.

Ootp's process when importing from a text file, is to first lookup the lahman id in the master, then it looks for the year. It uses the year to import the player's associated data in other files (hitting, pitching, fielding, etc.) according to your import settings. You don't need to do anything with the "other" files.

I didn't include a modded master because once ootp 16 is out, I'm going to rewrite the utility...I got Markus to add a new feature which I can't say anything about until then. It's going to be awesome...I'll be testing it when beta starts and if it works like it's supposed to, I'll include a modded master.csv. Current plans are to have it ready for release same day as ootp16

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