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financial player tip

Here is a tip I found out by accident just playing around. Some of you might already know this. It also might be something Marcus might want to look into. I run the Phillies in 2014 in my sim. I'm starting the 3rd month. I have the same problem the real Phillies have as I can't trade Ryan Howard no how. All the GM's laugh at my proposals. So I thought, what if I just retire Howard? Which I did. I found him on the retired list and clicked on his name and unretired him putting him in with the free agents. I found him there and asked him his demands. SURPRISE!!!! He wants only 1.2 million for 1 year. Way, way better than the 79M he was owed for the next 4 years. So, I gave it to him. Nobody else had any offers and he signed with me. I did the same thing with Chase Utley. Although he wanted 9M for 1 year. Now I have 38M in my coffers for free agents and extensions. This seems like some kind of financial flaw, but it worked for me. Marcus might want to try to do something about being able to do this. I have an unfair advantage over the other GM's now. I have since traded both Howard and Utley to get my team a little younger. LOL Sorry for such a long post.
Thanks for reading it.
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