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Originally Posted by archibalduk View Post
The difficulty with the UK leagues is that contract details are kept secret except for contract length (as are contract details for virtually all Euro leagues). Additionally some players, such as many of the non-import Slough Jets IIRC, pay to play rather than have a salary per se. So it's going to be difficult to replicate the UK contract system in game - particularly the additional benefits EIHL teams offer such as university sponsorship, free rent, etc. So the best we can do is make a best guess (similarly with regards to the team finances) and try to ensure that the richer clubs (such as Nottingham and Sheffield) generally have the higher contracts.
EHM did an ok job with the Elite League and EPL salaries.. can we not just follow theirs? It's a start atleast until somebody could unearth some better information..

As for the perks on salaries in the UK like Uni course, cars, rent paid ect.. are you aiming to include these into the game or just pointing out so people know how difficult getting it right is?
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