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Lightbulb College Game Mode

This is something that I would love. You can have a MLB, regular game mode like we have now. Rather than adding a college system into a Standard game, have the college game mode be a thing in and of itself. I've been experimenting with ways to make a college baseball world but scout ratings are always skewed to the best COLLEGE players not necessarily best in regards to MLB scouting unless you add a Major League to the game. You have to closely monitor when players turn 22, but we have 23 year old college baseball players so this may end up cutting players who have only played 3 seasons. Most importantly, there's no way to simulate recruiting! It would require an extensive system outside of the game, requiring to export info from the game and create some sort of external simulation. There are so many cool features that could be added to a college baseball simulation such as player development strategies, hiring a coaching staff based on ability to scout, recruit, and develop pitchers and batters. Discovering unknown players throughout the country to bring in as walk-ons (similar to International Complex in a standard game).

Teams could have different prestige ratings to influence recruiting, number of players drafted out of that college could influence the rating as well as intice recruits. Facility ratings could be a factor of recruiting, having academics become a factor in eligibility and type of players a school recruits. Having Top 25 polls, trying to earn an at-large bid to the CWS. If you have a stud you may lose him once he becomes a Junior (when college players become draft eligible again). There are so many ways to go in-depth to make an incredibly cool and addictive college baseball game mode.

I've exhausted myself trying to come up with a system, and I'll likely keep trying until a game mode is made. There is no college baseball simulation in and of itself, I feel that if anyone makes one it should be OOTP and make it a game mode within the game itself.

This is my wish for OOTP 21 or OOTP 22

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