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Originally Posted by Cobra Mgr View Post
He's done this once or twice before. The good thing about this instance is, if you look really closely, you can see that Judge "okayed" the game of catch with a very subtle movement of his glove as he was walking out to his position. Apparently he was responding to a shouted request or perhaps a gesture, asking permission.

I was looking for this because I would not be surprised to see "copycats" now doing the same thing but just going ahead and throwing balls at him, hoping he will "play." I am sure Judge had this in the back of his mind - if not, he may now - but went ahead and did it anyway. I hope he will not regret it.

I also hope the officials didn't throw the kid out of the stadium. It's a shame, but these are the things that need to be thought about these days. The fact that millions of people, including thousands of young Yankees fans, saw this video which was recorded on somebody's smart phone and is now making the internet rounds guarantees that there will be repercussions, unfortunately.

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