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Vegas Pink Knights - A Fictional Story

I recently completed an expansion story so I thought I would fire up a fictional one as well! This is the first time attempting a fictional play through before so I am not really sure what to expect.

Rule Changes: Continuous OT in regulation and 3 point regulation wins (2 for ot win, 1 for ot loss).

The outlook: Obtain a strong defensive structure to keep games relatively close. We shouldn't be winning any scoring titles, but hopefully we can make the playoffs with it.


Lee Neves (30) - taken 165th in the initial draft. We hope he can be a middle of the pack goal tender for a couple years.

Daniel Langley (35) - taken 705th, we're hoping for an average backup and he's slated for about 10 games this season.


Jerry Trudgeon (25) / Carlo Conte (30) - Our top line, Trudgeon is our only offensive defenseman and selected as an alternative captain, while conte is a strong defensive-minded d-man. Taken 345 and 136 respectively.

Lukas Petr (26) / Jene-Rene Rodrigue (28) - I put our top pick Petr, with our worst top-4 to shelter him a bit. Petr provides shutdown defensive work while Rodrigue is more of a 2-way guy. Taken at 16 and 285.

Keith Boulogne (33) / Alan Vazzano (34) - Both are defense first defenders, and were available late as veteran options for a bottom line. Selected at 436 and 556.


Nick O'Rory (29) / Devon Heard (24) / Ondrej Fanta (27) - A couple of 2-way guys while Heard leads the offensive. We are pretty weak throughout the organization at RW but should still be a competent first-line. Selected at 105, 76, and 316.

Clint Rose (26) / Joe Graves (27) / Nick Huxley (31) - Our most balanced line, Rose provides the goals, Huxley the assists and Graves is a well-rounded 2-way forward (also our captain!).
Taken at 196, 45, and 376.

Johnny Boone (21) / Bob Clouser (28) / Gary Boulton (33) - This is a full 2way line to counter other teams' top lines. Don't expect much offense out of any of them though. Selected at 225, 256, 465.

Scott Hornsby (32) / Jason Carter (33) / Jan Dobrovodsky (35) - Left over veterans that deserved a shot at a bottom line over youngsters. Taken 405, 585 and 525.

I will keep this updated with updates after 20-games or so in chunks. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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