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Sloppy 2nd half & DS Defeat to eventual champions

After winning 50 of our first 75 games, we finished the season 45-42, won the division at 95-67, not without a mini-scare from the Carmichael Athletic who trimmed the lead to 3 games with 6 total games left for both of us, but all 6 of those games went my way and I won division by 6 games.

In the playoffs I faced off against the 105-win York Yard Dawgz. The series went 5 games, I decided to start The Freak Tim Lincecum in game 5 instead of the very dependable Johan Santana. Just sort of a "tact" decision. Lincecum had a quality start but the bullpen was not good and we didn't score much. Lost game 5 1-7. York beats New York, 3-2 in the series.

York goes on to win the World Series after defeating the one whale or wolf-like team in our league (Real Madrid El Blanco) 4-2 in CS, and then having a pretty easy time in the WS, beating the Chrome Hearts (Suwanee), 4-1.

Good: 95+ wins again, division win again.
Bad: Failed to make the LCS in 7th or 8th out of 8 or 9 Perfects Playoffs.

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