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I got exactly that such windfall when I realized that my 91 OVR Hank Aaron was worth a lot. He sold for... I think 175k and I netted 158k for the transaction. And at the time my team had a pretty small PP balance - around 10k. So that was my starting point.

I was initially going to buy two really high-end players I have desired for a while. But then I looked at the collections and realized that with PP you can make a lot more PP by completing missions. So here's what I have done so far:

- Completed the Charlie O A's mission: cost 85k. Sold Vida Blue for 175.5k
- Competed the St Louis Brown's mission: cost 24.7k, Sold Sisler for 45k
- Completed the Chicago White Sox collection: cost 170k. Still trying to sell the 99 Appling and the 100 Walsh but unless their prices crater I will make approximately 280k profit.

All done over the course of about 4 weeks, so it takes time and patience.

I mostly saved my PP for the missions so I would be sure to have enough to complete them. But my team also earned around 44k over the past 4 weeks so that contributed to my working capital.

I've also gotten at least 3 players I'm using from completing those missions: the 94 OVR Rollie Fingers, the 92 OVR Gary Peters and the 91(?) OVR Dick Allen. The team that's doing this is a theme team so I can't use players unless they're between 1959 and 1987, so that limited the utility of many of the players collected in the missions.

- Purchased 100 OVR Dwight Gooden (70k)
- Purchased 97 OVR Wade Boggs (33k)
- Purchased 87 OVR Rod Carew (11.5k)
- Purchased 92 OVR Tim McCarver (33.5k)
- Purchased 92 OVR Cisco Carlos (29k) (I did not have the PP to purchase him when I was completing the mission he's in!)

Team balance is around 11k now, so after I sell the two cards I have up on the AH I will have between 350-400k. Which I will spend on some pitchers and at least two to three position player upgrades. So starting with approximately 170k (windfall+prior balance) I have ended up with around 520k in cards and PP.

So my conclusion is: if you have a lot of PP, completing missions is the way to go.

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