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OOTP 18 Tutorial Videos

Hi all,

We wanted to post some links to a series of YouTube tutorial videos for OOTP.

In the videos Markus plays and discusses the game and shows off much of what the game can do and how you can get the most out of your OOTP experience.

If you're a new user or not even currently a user but are thinking of getting the game, but feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the options and settings, hopefully these videos can help you get into the game a bit, and get through the initial learning curve.

Even if you're a long-time user, you still might want to check out the videos, because you may just learn about an option or a setting that you never even knew was in the game.

Hope you'll all enjoy the videos!

Out Of The Park Baseball 18 Tutorial #1 - Getting Started

Out Of The Park Baseball 18 Tutorial #2 - The Interface

Out Of The Park Baseball 18 Tutorial #3 - Basic Team Management

Out Of The Park Baseball 18 Tutorial #4

Out Of The Park Baseball 18 Tutorial #5

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