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SSG Hockey - Real Time NHL Sim League

I've just posted the application for our SSG NHL Hockey league which will use Franchise Hockey Manager 2. With the game coming out today, we'll release a league file ASAP (after the first patch) and give folks a chance to get things ready for opening night, October 7th, when we'll have our first games simulated (or a catch-up schedule if we're running late). Beyond that, we will follow a real-time daily schedule like all other leagues at SSG.

Expect this first season to mirror the 2015-2016 NHL season as closely as possible. We'll definitely look to adjust some rules/settings beyond this first season as the NHL does some wacky things!

We'll also likely be expanding, especially if the NHL does so next year as rumored.

Please take a look around the SSG website before quickly rushing off an application (it's not first-come-first-serve anyway). We're a unique simulation universe with an already great core of guys in our OOTP baseball league as well as our college and soon pro football leagues. We'll also be added both pro and college basketball once hockey gets off the ground and likely a FIFA league next fall. A truly year-round simulation universe!

While I'm very proud of our group of guys and our unique structure and approach, it's understandably not for everyone, so please take a look around. I hope to hear from some of you soon. We've waited a long time for a great hockey sim, and I'm excited to dive into FHM2!
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