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Originally Posted by Findest2001 View Post
How many packs have you opened?

I've opened almost 150 packs and gotten 2 diamonds, both of which are low diamond. Josh Donaldson, and Carlos Carrasco.

It sounds like you are having some bad luck. You should be pulling a diamond every 25 packs.

Over the past 2 weeks I would estimate I have opened 700ish packs. My team is at a point where making improvements in the auction house is almost impossible so I only open packs. I opened a 96 Mickey Cochrane a few weeks back and was able to auction him off for around 100K PP. I turned this into 100 packs. Opened those, auctioned all the good cards and repeated for a few weeks. Good luck played a large part in this, but I am happy to have a 100 Pedro and 99 Babe Ruth (paid what I sold my Wagner for) now on my team.
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