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And they promised to release the game in late may. I am not bitching just pointing out their lies.
Nope, we sure didn't. Please don't create threads and put words in our mouth. We said the game was tentatively scheduled for release in late May. The plan has changed. This was never a promise. You aren't "pointing out our lies," you are writing lies of your own.

This thread won't become anything constructive, so it's closed.

Feel free to discuss the game and keep things constructive, but threads that will just turn into flame wars won't be tolerated here.

Edit: To also say, your first post in this thread is simple fear mongering... I actually clicked on your thread before I saw Sebastian's and was like '3 to 6 months.. huh??' Then read Sebastian's and yup.. there's nothing in there that suggests three to six months until release. So please don't unnecessarily try to stir up frustration. Thanks.

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