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Broadcasting games

League MUST be set to "internet league" mode.

Online leagues have a special option in the pre-game setup screen. In addition to setting teams to human or computer control, choosing ballparks, etc., you can also choose to "broadcast" the game to the internet. Broadcasting is only available for games that are being played out in online leagues, but it is perfect for those that choose to play out their All-Star games or other important games throughout the season.

After proceeding to the game, a connection will be established with your website. Once the game starts, it will generate an HTML file and upload it to your online league directory (the same directory in which league exports are found online) after each screen of play-by-play is displayed. The file will be named gameX.html where 'X' represents the game number. The link to this page can be shared with all of the spectators so that they can watch the events unfold.

The broadcasted HTML page contains several helpful elements that will automatically refresh as the game proceeds. The page is very similar to a regular boxscore, but there are extra elements included as well.

Just below the linescore for the game is a breakdown of the defense currently in the field. Displayed are the names of players and their defensive ratings (range, fielding percentage and arm). Immediately below this is a section detailing who is batting and what, if any, baserunners are on base. Beside each is a listing of the relevant ratings; hitting ratings for the person at bat and running ratings for those no the basepaths.

It is below this that all of the action unfolds. Each line of play-by-play is displayed in this section. It even includes the yes or no decisions on baserunning and arguing calls. In this way, everyone can watch the game and read the events as they occur.

Finally, at the bottom of the page are the standard boxscore elements. Each team's segment of the boxscore, both lineup and pitcher usage, are updated as the game progresses. Spectators can even see the attendance, game time and conditions at the bottom of the screen in their traditional places.
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