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Originally Posted by Germaniac View Post
I tossed it out a few years ago ... It was quite an accomplishment to get them to send it to Germany (I sent dollar bills to pay for it), and I played out the 1984 season, every single game.

I made it through late August, it took me several years but at some point I didn't play anymore

But it was tremendous fun to play it, it definitely was worth every single cent
Oh my gosh, you and rink23 are both much stronger than me if you can even consider throwing out an old tabletop sports game. I never play them anymore, but I have boxes and boxes of old Strat-O-Matic cards, Replay Baseball cards, and assorted other tabletop sports goodies (Replay Basketball, Second Season football, Sherco Baseball, Extra Innings baseball (my first love), Data Boxing, Hockey Blast, and I'm sure several things I'm not even thinking about right now.) I'm not generally a hoarder but I can never imagine getting rid of any of this. (Including old issues of Tabletop Sports, Strat-O-Matic Review, Strat Fan magazine, etc.) These will be with me until I die!
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