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UPDATE: We've done it!!!! The Marlins are World Series Champions!!!! It wasn't too tough either -- we swept the Astros in four games Here's a magical moment from Game Four.

I never said, but a big reason we're in this position is a result of Francisco Lindor, who left Cleveland in 2028 after 14 years with the Indians to sign a three-year deal to finish out his career with us. The first two years were great, he put up 8 WAR, but this year as a 37-year-old, his ratings fell off dramatically and he became basically unplayable. He announced his decision to retire at the end of the season. One problem: He never won a ring with Cleveland. They made the WS three times while he was with them, but didn't win until 2030 (when he was a Marlin). I wanted him to go out with a ring very badly.

So, with a 3-0 series lead and feeling like this could be his last chance, I started Lindor at DH, benching a hitter far better than he was. He went a solid 1-3 with a walk and a bases-loaded RBI single . Now, he will have some jewelry as he almost surely makes his way to the Hall of Fame soon!

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